Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mourinho Jibes At Liverpool's History

Jose Mourinho has reopened the row with with Liverpool about the subject of 'history' as he reminds the Merseysiders of how many trophies his side have won compared to themselves in recent years.
While conceding that Liverpool have a fine European tradition he points out that they are suffering from a 17-year Championship drought.
The issue relates to a row that preceeded Liverpool's Champions League semi-final victory over Chelsea, which they achieved for the second time in three seasons, but Mourinho believes it is now his side that are making history.
He said: "Liverpool fans can continue to chant 'no history' at us but we continue to make it. They have their history, we have our history.
"They are a club with a history in Europe that Chelsea doesn't have, and their history is magnificent, but I think for 17 years they don't win one championship and we won two in the last three years.
"Of the 12 pieces of silverware in English football in the last three years, Chelsea won six, Liverpool two, Manchester United two and Arsenal two, so we won the same number of pieces of silverware that the other three clubs won all together. So I think we are going in the right direction."


Marcus XA said...

I think what "Moron"hno is suggesting is - Chelsea has no history, but he is the one to make the history at Chelsea. And he thinks his 3yrs at Chelsea is already making "history" that can be compared to the true history of Liverpool Football Club. In other words, he is also insulting the history of his club, because there is no way Chelsea can be rank up there with Liverpool if u look at both clubs' histories. Just a thought to share with u when i read this report.


Agreed and i believe he just wants to setup the flame again before the seasons starts. He'll have a tough time when he go for our home match at Anfield later!!! He! He!